Luminous (UPDATE - October 5th 2010)

2010-10-05 18:02:43 by freddyfinger

UPDATE (October 5th 2010)

My next album has been released titled "Luminous". 16 tracks with four not on Newgrounds. Download link is below. Also, i'm most likely not going to be uploading songs here anymore. Reception hasn't been that much lately and this site isn't really a place for hip hop fans. Which is ironic because I have found some really talented, inspiring artists here (and most of em have left or are leaving), but I hope you guys keep at your craft and I wish you the best. I just wanna thank everybody for all the support, great music, reviews, everything, i've had a great time here.

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Luminous (October 2010)

1. Intro
2. Bright & Early
3. Gentle Spring
4. Together with the Stars
5. For You
6. Tropical Color
7. Calm Hour
8. Change It Up
9. Dreams of a Soul
10. Hello Darlin'
11. Mount Hammond
12. Wind by a Leaf
13. Go with the Flow
14. The Joy Of
15. Starry Atari Trip
16. Pleasant Journey

Download Luminous

Strictly Beats Tape (July 2010)

1 - What I Mean
2 - It Starts With You
3 - Into Existence
4 - The Moment

Download Strictly Beats Tape

Recline (May 2010)

1. Intro - 1:06
2. Shine - 3:49
3. Passion - 5:01
4. Suh Muh - 5:12
5. 3am Walk - 4:07
6. Cosmic Nite - 5:44
7. Mellow Night - 1:51
8. Placid Vibes - 4:05
9. Abyssal - 4:40
10. Dirty - 3:41
11. Organ Sponge - 4:15
12. Wiggle - 3:57
13. Calamity - 3:27
14. Hadal - 6:01
15. Proposition 215 - 3:08
16. Body Vibes - 3:51
17. Jive - 4:17
18. Outro - 1:06

Download Recline

12am Breeze (April 2010)

1. The Phuket Quartet
2. Pharoah's Brew
3. Listen
4. Needle Dust
5. Patience
6. Laura
7. Maple Street Funk
8. Maple Street Funk (Hiccup Remix)
9. Bathyal
10. Eagle Claw
11. Dream
12. Moonstruck
13. Chipotle Theory
14. Breathless
15. My Son Phillip

Download 12am Breeze


Special thanks to: (sorry if i missed anyone)


& thank you listeners!!!!!!!

Luminous (UPDATE - October 5th 2010)

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records for hip-hop producers

2009-11-21 01:32:48 by freddyfinger

check me out on youtube
check me out on reverbnation

yo i'm on haywyres label on reverbnation, he's going to be adding some dope artists on there, check out us on there here
if you make beats and looking for some shit to sample (or hell, just looking for some good music to listen to) here's some sites with a ton of oldie but goodie obscure records to download. i'll post more here if i find some. (go through the dates in the blogs for more albums) - brazilian records - all kinds (funk, soul, video games, etc) ... click the first word of the album name to download - various kinds (thanks kamikazi1) - various (view comments of record and go to first link posted) - various

so don't you come in here...preaching to me..about hours...

2009-11-17 10:26:06 by freddyfinger

when you're standing over there, and you're standing over there, and i don't know which way is up!

so don't you come in here...preaching to me..about hours...

robert better not get in my face...

2009-09-25 16:03:40 by freddyfinger

because i'll drop that motherfucker

robert better not get in my face...


2009-08-23 07:31:08 by freddyfinger

I can't get over how great this is...

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I have another idea for the portals. There should be a page where it shows the newest updates from artists on your favorites, kind of how youtube has their subscriptions page setup. So ya just click and see all the new updates you haven't seen, instead of having to check all their pages individually.

Edit: Thanks tingtonger. You can do it by signing up to Google Reader and subscribing to the feeds by clicking the orange button in their profile. If you have Firefox, you can just click the orange button to make it go in your bookmarks. It will update atomatically every time.

I just shat everywhere.

2009-07-23 15:38:06 by freddyfinger

Found this guy yesterday, Samon Kawamura, and been listening to his album "Translations" all day. He's a Japanese hip-hop producer thats new in the scene. His shit is magical, ultra chill and smooth. Real talented guy. Listen to some of his songs "How Long", "Tokyo Love", hell the whole album...check out some of his music...

/* */

Cupuhla things

2009-06-02 07:11:30 by freddyfinger

I'm thinking there should be a link to your 'Favorites' page beside the other options above (inbox, my account, log out). I dunno, seems like it'd be nifty, just a click away. I suppose I could bookmark the page but still, it'd be a nice feature (> '')>

Also a play list would be really killer in the AP. Add whatever tracks, even an artists whole song list, to a play list. Not really sure how it'd work out, maybe have it on the side of screen and have it pop out when the mouse goes over to it if you want to enable it in options. Then have the songs play while ya goof around and think about what ur going to have for dinner that day